Why are prices more affordable?

Well, It’s the most frequently asked question because our prices are really fascinating and in reply to this question, we just want to say that “it’s all about TAX”.You can see the medicines we are selling are mostly manufactured by multinational pharmaceutical companies And it’s obvious that every country and union has its own tax classes and rules.  We got all it takes to buy at bulk prices and our products are stored in separate ware houses to avoid huge tax. All this is to ensure our clients get want they want at the best rates ever in the market.

Do I need to sign upon arrival of my package?

No signature is needed upon arrival of your package.

Is it possible to buy more than one product at a time?

Yes, you can check out with as many products of your choice.

What is the minimum amount to checkout per product?

Most of our prices are per pill, gram and bottles. Hence you can checkout with 1 unit per product but make sure your sum total for the entire purchase is above $100.

What happens if my package gets missing?

We reship all missing packages through an alternative route. And if delivery is not possible at all we do have a refund policy that protects our clients.