Ephylone (crystal) is the latest research on chemical is similar to ethylone, it is considered to be the simulation of.Ephylone and ethylone on the physiological properties and toxicology of methylprednisolone acetate (crystal) do not know



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Physical effects of Ephylone drug


The most common physical effect of this drug is described as a body high. It is a sudden tingling sensation that spreads through the entire body. It starts slowly at the onset and then hits a peak. The sensation can be highly pleasurable when the drug is consumed at a higher dose.

Since the drug is highly stimulating it can cause a person to feel a burst of energy. This can cause a person to engage in more physical activity like running, hiking, rock climbing, etc.

If the drug is taken in higher doses, it can cause blurred vision. It can make a person’s eyeballs constantly move back and forth which can cause unsteady vision and can even cause them to lose focus. BUY EPHYLONE ONLINE


Another effect of the drug is dehydration. Since the drug is a stimulant it causes a person to engage in extreme physical activity that causes feelings of dry mouth and dehydration.

While on one hand, it causes a person to feel dehydrated, on the other hand, it can make the person feel some sort of difficulty in urinating. This can typically happen when the drug is consumed in higher doses

The drug is known to cause a strong emotional euphoria in a person. It heightens the feelings of love, empathy, or happiness. However, it can also cause a person to feel extreme anxiety or fatigue.