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Buy Yellow UPS (220mg MDMA) pills

Yellow UPS pills are being sold as MDMA. Actual content has been identified as a cathinone (same family as n-ethyl pentylone) Substances will cause severe insomnia & anxiety. If you have taken these and are concerned or feeling unwell, please go immediately to welfare or medical.

Good news, you can now buy Yellow UPS Ecstasy / MDMA pills from our website These products are three times stronger than normal ecstasy pills. This particular drug will keep you high all through the night. This product contains 220mg MDMA

Precautions on taking UPS pills

A warning has been issued in regard to ecstasy pills pressed in the shape of the UPS logo, which is currently in circulation in the UK. The pills are said to be three times stronger than the average UK pill and users are advised to proceed with caution.

How long does Yellow UPS (220mg MDMA) pills bomb take to kick in?

Swallowing a Yellow UPS pill or MDMA ‘bomb’ (MDMA powder wrapped in a cigarette paper) may result in a time lag of 20 minutes to an hour before the effects really kick in. Effects peak around 2 hours after a pill is swallowed.